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 Belfast South Community Resources (BSCR) is proud to announce the unveiling of a new piece of community artwork on Monday 2nd July 2012 at 10am at Boyne Bridge, Linfield Road, Sandy Row. The artwork, which is the second in a series of four, was commissioned by BSCR as part of their efforts to kick start the economic and physical regeneration of the Sandy Row area.

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BSCR would like to invite you to the launch of the New King William III Artpiece that will be situated at the bottom of the Boyne Bridge in Sandy Row. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone you feel would be interested in attending.

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Belfast South Community Resources would like to thank everyone for their support on 17th November at the unveiling of the new Linfield F.C. Art Piece.  This is the 1st of four new art pieces that will be completed over the next year in the Sandy Row area by artist Ross Wilson.  The weather didnt dampen our spirits and to that we owe a BIG THANK YOU to the Rev Kerr of St Aidens Church in Blythe Street who opened up the church and welcomed everyone inside to hear the speeches, thank yous' and the children's choir before going back outside for official unveiling by the Torrans family. His kindness was very much appreciated and we thank him from the bottom of our heart.  BSCR would also like to thank Ms Lennon, Blythefield Principal, and the pupils for thier help on the day and the school choirs wonderful rendition of "When the Blues go marching on".  A big thank you also goes out to Linfield player and local lad Daryl Fordyce for his attendance on the day and also for his interview to UTV, Daryl is a great inspiration and role model to the young people of Sandy Row.


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Official thank yous' and speech by William (Barley) Robinson

On behalf of the community in Sandy Row and everyone at BSCR I would like to thank all the funders who have made this project possible. This includes Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Department Foreign Affairs, Belfast City Council, and Community Relations Council.

BSCR would also like to say a special thanks to the artist Ross Wilson; I think everyone can agree that he has done a magnificent job not only with the mural, but also in working with all elements of the community to help ensure the success of the overall project.

Last but not least BSCR would like to thank everyone from the community in Sandy Row and everyone who has turned out today to support us at the launch of the first of 4 public arts pieces which we have commissioned on behalf of the community.

We know that the press and the media would like to make this launch simply about the replacement of paramilitary murals. However, we at Belfast South Community Resources want to highlight 2 things.

The first is that Sandy Row is a loyalist community and we are not ashamed of that fact. In fact we are proud of our loyalist traditions, culture and history and we feel that these art pieces are a means of demonstrating that fact. By undertaking this project we are seeking not to weaken our culture but to strengthen it. We want to promote the richness and depth of our history and culture in a very strong but positive and non-threatening way.

The second thing we would like to highlight is the fact that this project forms the first step in our longer term plans for the regeneration and revitalisation of the area. This project has only come about after a long consultation process and we believe it demonstrates the community’s commitment to moving forward.

This community suffers from a number of problems, educational underachievement, barriers to employment and a skill deficit. And of course no one could fail to see the large areas of dereliction all along Sandy Row. At the same time however, we also believe that there are a lot of good things happening within the community which don’t get the publicity they deserve. Community support for Charter Youth Club and Belfast South Community Resource’s Reach Project, were 110 local people have registered for essential skills and employer recognised qualifications demonstrates that the need and willingness is there.

We may have started behind, in terms of community capacity, but we are fast catching up and we believe that community groups such as ourselves and the forum have developed both the capacity and the vision to lead this community forward. With this project we believe that the community has taken the first step, we now ask the government to recognise this, throw its full weight behind the process and give us the resources’ and technical aid to complete it.

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