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The REACH 16-18 yr old Project is a yearly project for young people leaving school with little or no qualifications.  In September 2011 BSCR enrolled 13 students and worked with them over the year to achieve their Essential Skills in English and Maths, they also completed an Employability QCF Level 2 that is quivalent to 4 B's!  The students receive a weekly attendance allowance of £40 and have to attend Monday - Friday every week.
BSCR are pleased to say the results are in for an Employability QCF Level 2!!
10 young people have passed gaining 6 credits and achieving their 4 B's! 
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Young Enterprise Project

The REACH students and Stranmillis College have been working closely together on The Young Enterprise Project, this is a new exciting project at BSCR that will hopefully teach the young people of Sandy Row the basics about setting up and running a small business.  All the students have a role to play in their "business" that will hopefully make a small profit.  For the last few weeks these young people have been making christmas decorations and cards to be sold and on the 2nd of December a group of REACH and Stranmillis students travelled to a Young Enterprise Trade Fair in Ballymena to sell their products.  It was a very successful day with all products being sold and a tidy profit being made, judges were there that day to judge the products and selling techniques of the students, the REACH Project received an award for Best Newcomers 2011 which was presented by the Lord Mayor of Ballymena!  All staff at BSCR were very proud of all involved and hopefully this will be a good sign of more success in the future!
REACH Project Wins Again!
On Saturday 4th February the young people from the REACH Project and students from Stranmillis College went along again to the Young Entrprise Trade Fair, the students designed and made Sandy Row Calendars, candles, and bookmarks to sell at the fair.  BSCR are very proud to say that they sold most of their items and received a prize for the "Most Environmental Product".

Gareth Macklin pays  REACH a visit!!

In November Gareth Macklin came to BSCR to give our young people a few hours of his valuable time.  Gareth is the Managing Director of Malone Lodge Hotels and has other very successful businesses in Northern Ireland.  He had a chat with the 16-18yr old project and and gave them some advice on employment and interview skills, Gareth was impressed with some of the young people attitudes and also empathised with the hardships they face when looking for employment.  The motto he asked them to take away was "if the shoe shop hasnt got the shoes you want try another shoe shop" in other words try, try and try again!

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